long hair

How to Grow Long Hair

Use conditioner after every shampoo

Why conditioner? It helps replace hair proteins, and lipids lost over time. Heat styling, coloring, and chemical application damage the hair strands making them thin. To prevent breakage, it is advisable to use conditioners which helps to maintain moisture and strengthen the hair. This should be done after every wash.

Avoid excessive heat styling

hair styling, heatHeat is a great enemy to long hair. If you have to grow long hair, you must watch the amount and frequency you use heat on it. Improper and prolonged use of heat damages the hair. If you want to straighten your hair, consider less heating methods. If you must do it regularly, use a heat protectant and follow the right styling steps.

Trim your hair regularly

Someone is thinking, how will trimming my hair make it longer? When we talk of trimming, it is only done to the split ends. If left, the ends result in weak, dry and unhealthy hair. You will realize it is not as smooth as well. Trimming should be done in two phases, one, after every three months to maintain its length and after six months to help it grow in length.

Avoid using shampoo regularly

Why do we use hair shampoo? To wash away product build-up and dirt in the hair. Excessive use can result in stripping off natural oils that are meant to keep the hair healthy and soft. To maintain the naturalness in your hair, you should avoid using shampoo on it every time you are hitting the shower. When using the shampoo, make sure to apply it on the scalp only, letting the suds slide on the strands as you rinse it.

Do a skin test when applying hair care products

Be keen to get the feel of the hair products you are applying on your hair. Does it feel sticky, waxy, greasy, heavy or dry? The feeling you get on your skin will be the same effect transferred to your hair. If are looking forward to growing long hair, ensure that the hair care products you are using do not cause congestion and clogging of your hair follicles. It should not bring a burning effect either.


Watch your diet

beautiful long hairLong hair only grows on string heads. If your health is poor, your hair will keep on falling. To avoid such, increase the intake of proteins such as fish, nuts, and beans and grains. This way, your general health will be check and your hair growth will be supported from the inside.…